LaborArts Event 4/28: The Labors of American Poetry


The Port Cafe: Dining Without Classism

Source: Classism ExposedPublished on 2015-04-22

Taskers in the Precariat: Part 2 – Essential Reforms

Source: WC PerspectivesPublished on 2015-04-20

Reclaiming Football for the Working Class

Source: WC PerspectivesPublished on 2015-04-13

The Return of the Undeserving Poor

Source: WC PerspectivesPublished on 2015-04-06


The Working-Class Studies Association was formed in 2005 to support and promote interdisciplinary and activist projects focused on working-class lives and culture. The WCSA publishes a semi-annual newsletter, holds annual conferences, sponsors an awards competition, and provides online resources.
The Working-Class Studies Association aims to develop and promote multiple forms of scholarship, teaching, and activism related to working-class life and cultures.