Top 40 Social Science Topics for Research Papers

Social science is a diverse field covering various phenomena that have transpired in human society since the dawn of time. With multiple political reforms popping up in countries across the globe, there is an abundance of social studies topics to select from.

This makes it challenging to select a specific topic to address, adding to the complexity of preparing social studies essays. Read on for some suggestions for social sciences topics for research papers and some ideas to inspire your social studies project.

Research paper topics in social studies

Good topics for social studies fair projects

  1. The impact of urban centers on cultural diversity
  2. Factors that determine the dominance of culture over the other
  3. A comparative essay of youth cultures across the globe
  4. A case study for early and modern human societies
  5. Patterns of contemporary culture assimilation and erosion in light of urbanization
  6. A case study of the architectural culture of the Aztecs
  7. A methodological framework to curb social and religious terrorism

List of social studies fair topics

  1. An analysis of the correlation between social religion and economic development
  2. How the dressing code impacts the behavior of those around us
  3. Reasons why the youth population is stressed
  4. Factors influencing social media behavior among teenagers
  5. Is it okay to cheat if everyone else does?
  6. Should blogging be considered a career
  7. A case study on the problems experienced in intercultural and interreligious marriages

Social science topics

  1. How biased are media outlets
  2. Comparing social systems government vs. public schooling
  3. How social media promotes narcissism
  4. Depressive effects of social media
  5. How political parties influence violence
  6. Judicial independence in third world countries

Social science topics for research papers

  1. Helicopter parenting: How it affects the development of children
  2. The consequences of divorce on children
  3. A case of social inequalities in modern societies
  4. Why do various groups produce more terrorists than others
  5. Shortcomings of an economic democracy system
  6. Role of environment in shaping generational perspectives
  7. The sociological and psychological view of terrorism

Social studies essay topics

  1. Gender stratification and how it can be abolished in our society
  2. Managing a conflict in its early stages
  3. The political impact on the protection of minority groups
  4. The impacts of globalization
  5. The worldwide impact of corruption
  6. A comparison of political systems around the world
  7. The relationship between racism and wage discrimination in first world countries

Topics in social studies

  1. Comparing the independence of electoral system in the third world and developed countries
  2. How morality is influenced by global capitalism
  3. The impact of religion on human rights
  4. Why political correctness matters
  5. How ancient religions have influenced modern-day religions
  6. Effect of sleep deprivation on students’ health and performance

Tips for selecting a social science topic

With many options on your plate, determining the best research topic on social studies can prove challenging. These tips should come in handy to maneuver the confusion.

  • Consider your interests – a thesis is a tedious task that takes a substantial of your time to prepare. As such, it is crucial to settle for a topic that piques your interest for an easier time researching your topic. For this, specify the disciplines you are comfortable with and search the trending topics you can tackle.
  • Consult your tutor – with the amount of experience in the field, your tutor is a repository for ideas you can cover within your area. Your tutor can also guide you to analyze the topics that you can easily cover with the material at your disposal.
  • Research topics online – when writing your paper, you require ample reference materials to support your arguments. It is thus best for you to select issues with adequate material in related fields. Poorly covered topics may be tougher to develop and require more research to back your claims.

Final Take

Writing a social science paper can prove a challenging task if you poorly select your topic. These social studies fair issues should serve as a starting point and help you choose a specific topic for your dissertation.

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