Computer Studies Tips & Topics in Computer Science

Are you looking for a quality research topic in computer science? This article covers some computer study topics to help you brainstorm your thesis idea.

Research paper on computer science topics

When writing an essay, it is essential to narrow your focus to a specific idea to present a foolproof paper. Unfortunately, selecting a computer studies thesis topic can often prove a challenging task.

Computer science is a vast field with rapid developments in software systems, design, and applications. Here are some suggestions to help you select the best computer research topic for your thesis.

Topics in computer science

  1. Analyzing the potential of computer-assisted education
  2. How to employ AI and blockchain in algorithmic regulations
  3. The impact of machine architecture on code efficiency
  4. An in-depth analysis of software security types
  5. Methods of eliminating phishing
  6. Face detection and its potential applications
  7. Impact of strictly adopting cloud storage
  8. Impact of virtualization on entertainment
  9. Analyzing the benefits and shortcomings of cloud computing
  10. A case study on the future of 5G network
  11. Principles of coding antivirus software
  12. An analysis of computer viruses and their operation
  13. The future of quantum computing
  14. Applications of artificial intelligence
  15. The dangers of computer viruses and mitigation against various virus attacks
  16. An approach to improve computer data security
  17. A case study on containing DDOS attacks
  18. The benefits of having multiple programming languages at your disposal
  19. Case study on the essence/ role of usability in human-computer interactions
  20. Impact of blockchain technology on the banking industry

Computer related topics


  1. The dangers and applications of genetic coding
  2. A case study on the potency of nanotechnology in treating HIV
  3. Effectiveness of microchip implants on diagnosis and disease control
  4. A case study on biomimicry and the detection of cancer cells
  5. Impact of robotic surgery
  6. How electronic medical records are improving service delivery in hospitals
  7. The role of virtual medical devices in medical education
  8. The application of technology in vaccine development

Communication and media

  1. Data protection and security breaches: Are service providers capable of preventing identity fraud? Are service providers responsible for identity fraud?
  2. Essential laws to protect consumer data in the digital age of communication
  3. The ethical standpoint of data harvesting and the threats it poses
  4. Effects of privatizing electronic media
  5. Data warehousing and the dangers of mass data breaches
  6. Measures for maintaining privacy on social media
  7. How has online communication revolutionized interpersonal communication?

Artificial intelligence

  1. Impact of artificial intelligence on the job market
  2. The transformative effect of artificial intelligence on economics
  3. Can AI be used for social oppression? What laws can be put in place to avoid this misuse?
  4. The ethical limitations of artificial intelligence
  5. How data collection increases the threat of data privacy
  6. Role of AI in medicine
  7. Impact of job automation on various economic models

Computer science topics

  1. Analyzing the future of multimedia distribution platforms
  2. A case study of the vulnerabilities of Android operating systems
  3. The effects of software piracy in developing countries
  4. The role of chatbots in the natural language processing system
  5. A study of game theory and network economics
  6. How computer thinking influences science
  7. Methods to eliminate phishing
  8. Impact of the IoT on human life
  9. The state of biometric systems, their shortcomings and mitigation strategies
  10. Essence of ethical hacking to modern program development
  11. Potential threats of new computer viruses
  12. Analyzing authentication mechanisms in open distributed systems
  13. Designing effective intrusion detective systems for wireless networks
  14. Approaches to prevent relay attacks and securing smart card network transmissions
  15. Internet of things

Final Take

Selecting a computer studies thesis can prove a daunting task for students. These topics should inspire you when selecting your dissertation topic.

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