30+ Environmental Science Topics for Research Papers

Proper topic selection is critical in ensuring a decent performance for college and graduate-level dissertations. Among various fields, environmental science has a wide variety of topics to select from regarding the occurrences and legislation passed to ensure sustainable resource management.

With many current environmental science issues to cover, selecting a poorly covered topic for a well-grounded paper may prove daunting. The challenge for selecting environmental research topics also depends on the paper requirements offered by your instructor.

What is environmental studies?

Environmental study is a field of study dealing with environmental issues, management, and policy. This interdisciplinary field gauges the effect of current actions on the environment and various mitigation steps and restorative approaches.

Environmental science topics

Preparing a quality research paper on environmental issues requires quality research. When going about topic selection, you should balance between a topic that is yet to be exhausted and has enough resources to base your paper on.

Here, we will highlight some environmental science research topics to support your brainstorming process.

Environmental issues topics for research paper

  1. The benefits of shifting to hydrogen-based fuels: How to adopt the shift
  2. A case study on the impact of pesticides and wastes on agricultural production
  3. The effects of global warming and how to educate the public
  4. Why biodiversity is critical for ecosystems and approaches to restore species biodiversity in exploited areas
  5. The effect of man on natural ecosystems
  6. Alternatives to non-renewable sources of energy
  7. Comparing the effect of human activity on the environment during Covid and post-Covid

Environmental research topics for college students

  1. How industrialization increases pollution and contamination: measures to manage pollution in urban centers
  2. How the first and second world wars impacted the environment and ecological diversity
  3. A case study on the relationship of technological advancements and air quality
  4. Adopting home solar systems to ensure resource sustainability
  5. How air pollution has impacted respiratory health
  6. Analyzing the origin of microplastics in potable water: Measures to curb water pollution

Environmental science topics for high school

  1. Role of leaders in managing the rate of environmental degradation
  2. How large-scale farming contributes to worldwide global warming: What changes should be introduced?
  3. The negative impact of solar power on plants: Is solar a viable replacement for fossil fuels
  4. Are environmental taxes efficient in managing pollution?
  5. The effects of dams on aquatic life and biodiversity
  6. Containing invasive species to maintain universal species biodiversity

Environmental study topics

  1. Measures businesses can employ to support environmental preservation attempts.
  2. Are electric vehicles a feasible method to reduce air pollution?
  3. Factors that influence the passing of environmental legislation: Are environmental legislation effective in managing pollution: What measures can be applied to ensure their efficiency?
  4. A case study on environmental degradation in third world countries
  5. Environmental degradation and its impact on food resources
  6. Essential environmental health laws to help sanitize urban centers
  7. Approaches to achieving food security: Alternative food resources with less negative impacts on the environment

Topics about nature

  1. How to influence consumer preferences towards organic and recycled products
  2. Is it too late to employ mechanisms geared toward curbing global warming?
  3. A case study on the approach to financing universal environmental conservation measures
  4. How efficient are environmental clubs in creating environmental awareness among the younger generation?
  5. The role of international environmental legislation and steps to enact them in developing countries
  6. Policies that you can implement to reduce the exploitation of forests
  7. Impact of global warming on forests and natural resources

Final take

Choosing a quality topic for your environmental studies thesis does not have to torment you. These topics about ecological science should serve as an inspiration to guide your selection. However, ensure to gauge various subjects to determine how deeply the ideas have been covered and the availability of supporting material.

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