33 Best Women’s and Gender Studies Paper Topics

Gender equity is among the trending issues around the globe. This has been characterized by women empowerment movements in various countries and rules geared towards protecting women in multiple societies.

To do this, institutions have focused on studies on gender, thus empowering women to reduce their vulnerability. The regular changes bring about diverse gender paper topics, making it hard to settle for a specific idea for your thesis paper.

This article will suggest some gender issues topics for the research paper to boost your brainstorming efforts.

Women’s Gender Studies Paper Topics

Gender research paper topics

  1. Factors that discourage parents from providing their daughters with a decent education in third world countries
  2. Discrimination against women in the workplace and how to overcome the bias
  3. A case study on the psychological implications of single parenting on women
  4. Differences in raising of a girl and boy child and the limitations of their societal expectations
  5. Evolution of movements against gender discrimination
  6. The role of marital partners in the well being
  7. Reasons as to why women are underrepresented in the upper tier of business management
  8. Do family roles in couples hold back the career progress of the wife?
  9. Why elections are biased towards male candidates: Steps to overcoming the bias
  10. Analyzing gender-based violence in various countries across the globe

Research topics in gender studies

  1. How to instill the culture of gender equity in children at a tender age
  2. The role of women in the development of the world economy
  3. Measures that you can take to protect women from gender violence in cities
  4. Women wage-gap across the globe and steps to bridge the gap
  5. Gender role stereotype: their relevance in early days and why their relevance in the modern society
  6. Development of gender studies and the impact of gender studies in women empowerment
  7. Maternity and paternity leave: Are both necessary? Are parenting roles defined for each gender?
  8. Is education a viable option for eliminating societal gender bias?
  9. Factors that contribute to gender inequality within developing countries
  10. Are women inferior to their male counterparts? Factors behind the stereotype and approaches to do away with this stereotype

Feminist research paper topics

  1. The role of environment in the mental growth and role assumption among women
  2. Masculinity vs. femininity: Does the societal view of each gender contribute to the overall gender bias?
  3. Role of mainstream media in eradicating gender bias in society
  4. Famous feminist literary works and their impact on the societal view of gender
  5. How to eliminate sexual exploitation among women in developed and developing countries
  6. Historical roots of male chauvinism and the effect on the feminist movement in Africa
  7. Role of African Women in society and steps to ensuring gender equality
  8. A case study on how social media is shaping the view of feminism
  9. Why feminism is viewed as men hatred in some societies
  10. The impact of little female representation on women political participation

Women’s studies research paper topics

  1. Reasons why women were barred from serving in the US military until 2013. Factors that led to the change.
  2. How women’s health and rights have been associated throughout history
  3. What factors made it easy for Japan to adopt equality laws compared to its European counterparts

How to choose a gender paper topic

When studying gender, the selection of a good topic is essential to have an easy writing process. When brainstorming a subject for your gender papers, you may follow the following tips:

  1. Formulate questions – after reading the thesis statement, formulate a question regarding the main idea encapsulated in the statement.
  2. Compile a keyword list – when formulating your topic, you may consider writing the keywords on the trending issues within the subject. Next, interconnect these keywords and determine how a single case can tackle your ideas.
  3. Check available information – before settling on a topic, check for the availability of materials to back your arguments. However, steer free of issues that have been over addressed as they may limit new ideas without plagiarizing existing work.

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